My Greatest Honor

It wasn’t so long ago that I thought the greatest honor in serving God was to accomplish something big – big in my eyes, anyway. But times have changed, and I now know the greatest honor is not about what I accomplish at all. My greatest honor is watching God accomplish His mighty works through me. My successes today are not what they used to be. I have an Ivy League education, and this is not my greatest success. Nor is my resume. Nor is the fact I have written a book. Nor is it how many dogs I have adopted out through the years. So what is my greatest honor? What humbles me more than anything in serving God?

When the Lord uses me to introduce someone to Him, or when He uses me to help lead someone back to Him, or He uses me to help someone deepen his or her relationship with Him, I am humbled beyond measure. See, my greatest passion in life is Jesus Christ. And I desire nothing more in serving Him than to help people find and develop their relationships with Him.

Do I love writing? Absolutely! Do I love dogs? Absolutely! Do I love my loved ones? Absolutely! Do I love South Carolina, the climate here, my home, my friends, and my ministry work? Absolutely! Do I love any of this most? No, absolutely not. I love Jesus most. And I love to share my love for Him with others.

My greatest honor? A man I prayed for when his wife went to heaven has come to know the Lord. A dear long-time friend has found an intimate relationship with Him. A woman who wanted to find a dog for her parents learned about Jesus when she called me for help in finding a dog. A woman who wanted to get rid of her dog called me and within 15 minutes asked Jesus to be her Lord over the telephone. A girl who fell in love with one of my special needs dogs at a festival called me hours later and asked Jesus to be her Lord. A loved one I cherish beyond measure has come back into my life and allowed me to help lead him back to the Lord, and to a deeper relationship with Him. The list goes on. And on.

My greatest honor? Being loved by Jesus, loving Jesus, and sharing Jesus with a world in need. I am grateful for all my blessings, including my education, friends, dogs, home, and more. But nothing compares with the greatest blessing – and honor – of all.


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