My Home Office – Life Out of the Box

If you think I sit in a corporate office dressed up in a suit and pumps, surrounded by my staff and volunteers, waiting for my next paycheck, think again. A dear friend who came today to visit the 16 mostly special needs and senior rescued dogs of Walk by Faith Ministry, took this photo of me sitting in my home office where I do most of my inspirational writing and lots more. Paralyzed dog Mr. Simeon and disabled dog Little Miss Miracles hang out on the other side of the room, with occasional visits from Little Miss Miracles on my bed. The rest of the dogs enjoy the remainder of my little house, the beautiful outdoors, and their dog building. I have spent much of my life living in a box thinking I was supposed to measure up to the world’s standards and expectations. Corporate office? Don’t have one. Suit and pumps? Not for me. Staff? None. Volunteers? Occasionally someone steps in to help with something. Next paycheck? I get a small rental income from the ministry; no salary. 
hanging out in my home office…….
Today, day by day, I am learning to walk by faith as I live the life God has called me to live – leading Walk by Faith Ministry as I aspire to fulfill my life’s mission to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ while ministering His love to a world in need. My encouragement to you?
Live the life God has called you to live. Love Him. Love others. Share the Gospel. Pour out the blessings He has blessed you with – not for your glory. For His! 
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