My Sweet Beckles’ Miracle from God


My Precious Beckles with Speckles
 Lies in Bed with My Childhood Doggy
Thank you for all these years together, Father.

Many of you prayed for Beckles with Speckles over the past 24 hours. Thank you so much for your prayers! I decided to put my trust in the Lord, knowing no matter the outcome we would be in His hands – and always in His heart. Today we received a miracle when Beckles went from being exceedingly sick and seemingly on her way to heaven to phenomenally well. I am learning that trusting God is not about getting a guarantee that we will get the outcome we desire, but that God will take care of us no matter what. 

Beckles with Speckles was rescued about a decade ago 30 minutes before euthanization and transported along with another miracle dog on a car-by-car volunteer transport down the east coast. I never expected to keep her – but God had other plans. She has been “fostering” rescue dogs ever since, giving up years of time and attention so other dogs could receive miracles like she did all those years ago. Now she, and I, and the Walk by Faith Ministry canine crew have received another miracle – more time with Beckles with Speckles……..

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