WELCOME to Our New Addition – Esther!


Just when my plate couldn’t be any fuller, just when I have dogs coming out of my ears, and just when our budget couldn’t be any more challenged, along comes our newest miracle – Esther. Esther, a severely malnourished but delightfully happy, abandoned hunting hound, bounded her way into my life just yesterday shortly after a loved one for whom I’ve been praying for years reappeared in my life just long enough to hand off Esther.

Not only was I given the reminder to continue in prayer for this person for whom I might have long since given up praying for, but now I have my plate even more full. What else could all of this be but a reminder that my life is not only dedicated to Christ, but it is only through Christ that I can live it the way He calls me to do so –  by faith, in love, and all for His glory.

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