A New Song in My Heart


“He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God. Many will see and fear, and put their trust in the LORD.” Psalm 40:3

It was 6:13 am when I hurried to my computer to write what had just happened. Not exactly the time most people are flying around a spare room with sparkly blue epoxy flooring like a ballerina, a brand new song forming as words on wings joined the dance high aloft in the air, word by word coming forth from my mouth that has spent decades spewing forth  negativity, complaining, self-pity, pride, control, worry, bitterness, anger, vengeance, anything but joy and godliness. But there I was, a flopped and failed ballerina whose several adult ballet classes had ended as quickly as they had begun, and whose singing voice desperately hurts my own ears, singing and dancing before the Lord with all my early morning might.

   “I want to be in your will, my Lord my God, I want to walk in your ways this day, My God,” I sang loudly, dancing around the room joyfully as a little song came pouring out. “For you are faithful forever, Lord, I want to be in your will this day.” Just the day before I had asked God to fill me with JOY. Now there I was, singing a song I would not have fathomed considering how determined I had always been to live the life I wanted the way I wanted it. My JOY prayer had been answered. So had the prayer of a long-ago mentor who prayed God would put a “new song” in my heart. I didn’t understand her prayer. Now I do. The new song in my heart isn’t about music, nor was the dancing that day about dance. It’s about the new heart God has given me to love, adore, worship, revel in, rejoice in, honor, glorify, praise, and serve Him passionately, persistently, perseveringly.

Why is the new song in my heart about doing the very thing I desperately didn’t want to do – to forsake my own wishes, wants, and ways, and to live according to God’s ways which are convicting, challenging, grueling to the flesh, indescribably unpopular in the world’s eyes, causing me to be increasingly on my own as the world falls evermore into debauchery, disarray, and deadly, ungodly, headed-for-hell living? Why is my new song about faithfulness and obedience to Christ despite the cost to my fleshly, me-centered desires and dreams? Because I LOVE THE LORD MORE THAN ANYTHING AND ANYONE ON THIS EARTH! If you take the true love, time, care, and devotion to truly believe in and follow and come to know increasingly the Lord, you too will find a new song in your heart. The song of loving and following Him forever, and knowing that no fleshly pleasure on this earth, so fleeting, can even compare! Oh, to sing a new song and to dance in the love and arms of the Lord God almighty!

   You may not be a singer. Or a dancer. But will you love the love forever? Oh, love the Lord! Love the Lord forevermore!

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