Paralyzed Doggy’s Discovery


“Oh, that my ways were directed
To keep Your statutes!” Psalm 119:5

Being on the road full-time for nearly two years with 5 special needs doggies along for the ride comes with its challenges – and blessings. Like lessons learned – convicting ones included – from being up close and personal with my sweet furry friends in close quarters lots of the time. Take, for example, paralyzed dog Miss Mercy’s discovery of something with which I can honestly relate. Perhaps you can too.

“When you want something Mercy, you’re very quick,” I told Miss Mercy one morning. Why? I had called her to scoot over on her knees to get her diaper changed. Oh, how slow she was to come! She wouldn’t budge. Not an inch. I called her again and again. Finally, with the help of my hand, and a firm voice, off she slowly came.

“When you don’t want something you’re very slow,” I finished. If it had been breakfast time, she would have scooted over to her dog food bowl at high speed. Diaper change? No way.

Ouch. Conviction. I can so very much relate. Can you? How quickly we can find ourselves running to the Lord and the Bible when we’re in need or want of something. How slowly we can find ourselves coming to Jesus when He calls us to change, to letting go, to moving forward, to leaving someone behind, to parting with something we love, to be reprimanded and led to repentance, to some form of obedience. Sometimes, sadly, tragically, even simply to spending time with Him!

Should our speed be any different when it comes to the Lord and the Bible? Should our speed be based on our loves and hates, our likes and dislikes, our wants and no ways? Or should we speedily come to the Lord no matter what because He is Lord?

Paralyzed Miss Mercy discovered how to base her speed on what she wants and doesn’t want. Have you and I done the same in relation to Jesus?

Are you feeling convicted right now? I most assuredly am. Let’s you and I strive to come running to the Lord whenever He calls, for whatever He calls us, wherever He calls us, for Christ’s sake, AMEN!

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