Please Help Us Help Joshua

Remember Joshua? Joshua, the special needs senior dog, arrived at Walk by Faith Ministry with a MASSIVE tumor around his private parts, a mass on his chest, several other seemingly benign masses, and an age-related limp. Joshua, who was left at a shelter by his family and scheduled for euthanization, has been an amazing trooper since his arrival.

Despite a major surgery funded by an incredibly generous, anonymous couple, and despite a recovery that took several months, Joshua has never lost his loving, sweet, and adorable personality. It is not uncommon as I sit at my computer or read a book for me to find him simply staring at me with pure adoration and the sweetest, grateful and loving eyes imaginable.

Just when I thought Joshua was out of the woods after a recovery that took several months, Joshua is in need of help once again. He has a large, very unsettling looking laceration where his post-surgery site had finally healed. This, coupled with the return of a cough and congestion, have led his veterinarians to recommend  treatment for the laceration, x-rays and an aspiration of the mass on his chest to check for possible cancer.

As I learn to walk by faith, I have chosen not to panic over the ministry’s finances and Joshua’s needs. Instead, I have chosen to put my trust in the Lord and to believe He will provide as He always does. I would be grateful for anyone who feels led to open up their hearts and to consider a donation to help Joshua get the help he needs. Any leftover donations from the donations we receive for him will help us continue to fulfill our mission to share the Gospel as we minister the Lord’s love to a world in need.

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