Praise Report for Joshua

Hallelujah! Last Friday, I prayed to God to provide enough donations for Joshua to see his veterinarian Dr. Hennessey on Monday. Within 48 hours, enough donations were pledged for his vet visit. Test results showed no cancer in his chest and lungs, and Dr. Hennessey quickly and neatly stapled his big wound shut and sent him home with the wonderful news. The veterinary staff was somewhat distracted, admittedly, thanks to Winnie cruising all over the office in her wheelchair and fascinating everyone with her wheels and amazingly joyful personality. All told, it was a wonderful way to start a new week. Thank you God, and thank you to those who stepped forward with prayer and donations.

p.s. Joshua will be in his cone collar for some time, and has a wonderful habit of crashing into absolutely everything as he journeys through life….. But then, don’t we all?

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