Praise & Progress Report – New Book!


Dear Friend,

Praise the Lord! I just dove into my new book project yesterday and am making amazing progress. If you’re not up to date with what’s going on, the Lord spoke to my heart just a few days ago that I am to write, edit, publish & make available a brand new devotional-journal book called 100 Days of Thanksgiving by early January! It seemed so impossible, but now in God’s strength for God’s glory the writing is pouring out of me so much so He has already given me another book project to follow! Not to mention I still have to edit and publish my most recent book. Along with my usual Good News Daily messages pouring out of me too. All of this with an excitement beyond measure as I take my first steps in creating t-shirts, mugs, cards, posters, etc. if/as/when the Lord leads. All of this as part of my life’s calling to help people become and remain totally devoted followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. While continuing to be on the road full-time for Jesus with my special needs ministry dogs.

I am thrilled and humbled beyond measure! I definitely don’t have so-called writer’s block. God’s love and joy and the Truth of His Word and the messages and books and creative work He gives me – it’s all pouring through me! To the point I have to drag myself away from my computer sometimes to get fresh air and remember to breathe & rest! All glory to God!

Now I ask you would you consider doing something really big to help me? Would you consider pre-ordering my new book on the link above & encouraging others to do the same? I have written many books over the years but have really lacked the ability and resources – and the faith and perseverance and help – to let people know about them, and it would be a really big help in my taking a big step forward with distribution of the work to which God calls me to have people help get this new book into the hands of those the Lord desires to read it and be blessed by Him through it!

I would be so blessed to have the Lord use me through this book as well as all the work to which the Lord calls me to bless and help and encourage people day by day and forevermore when it comes to loving & following the Lord! Thank you so incredibly much for your consideration!

love & blessings, lara

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