** Prayer Request / Sharing My Heart **

My dear pastor hasn’t known me long, but he trusts me. I don’t believe he finds it hard to do. As he likes to remind me, I have a transparent heart. From my personal testimony to my struggle with sins, from my over-the-top passion for the Lord to my hurts and challenges, from my rejoicing to my praises, from the heights and depths of my love for the Lord to how zealous I am about my calling as an evangelist, from the times I am broken to God’s gracious gift of mercy and wholeness, my heart and life are open for all to see with my hope and prayer they might see the glory of the Lord. And so it is that as I stay true to my transparency, I share with you my heart and latest prayer request.

“The Lord is my strength and song….” Exodus 15:2

UPDATE: In a nutshell, though some who know me well may think it impossible, I am breathtakingly more in love with the Lord than ever before, and more surrendered and committed than ever to fulfill my calling as an evangelist to share the Gospel while ministering the Lord’s love to a world in need. I find it a joyful challenge to keep up with my ministry work, especially as I juggle multiple writing projects, including the still new Gospel tracts and Walk by Faith Devotional in print, along with my almost daily online writing, the printing and distribution, a possible open door into the prison system, my continued work with the homeless and poor, my day to day opportunities for evangelism and teaching God’s Word, the administrative aspects of the ministry, and caring for what as of a few days ago are now 17 mostly special needs and senior rescued dogs. Rest assured, I am utterly filled with joy, I absolutely love the work to which I am called, and God is daily giving me the strength and ability to do what He has called me to.

On the note of the Gospel Tracts and monthly devotionals, I praise God that in a relatively short period of time they are already being distributed to the homeless, the poor, broken, to friends, to strangers, to the addicted, lost, hurting, hopeless, depressed, ex-prisoners, by mail, via streets ministry, via multiple people led to distribute them, into prison and onto death row, to Bible studies, in churches, at truck stops thanks to volunteer truck drivers, at stores and in parking lots and on the beach, at a company Bible study, and more. They are distributed so far at no cost, and I am walking by faith for God’s continued provision.

PRAYER REQUEST: I would be exceedingly blessed to know there are people praying for mine and the ministry’s and dogs’ needs as I continue forward. Specific areas for prayer, if you are so led, would be:

* Prayer for my character, that I would walk humbly in God’s love, that I would continue to be conformed to the image of Christ, and that I would repent when I need to and continue to grow in God’s image
* Prayer for continued strength and ability, and focus, to press forward in the work to which God has called me
* Continued physical provision for myself, the ministry, & the dogs
* Financial provision for myself personally as I am on an extremely low income to do this work
* Financial provision for the paper, toner, and maintenance for the industrial printer I now have to enable me to increase the amount of Gospel tracts and Walk by Faith Devotional’s distributed to the public
* Financial provision for the ministry as a whole to operate
* Financial provision for the 17 dogs to receive the food, veterinary care, and medicines they need
* Physical help with my responsibilities as the Lord wills
* Open hearts and opportunities to receive the Gospel message and hear the teaching of God’s Word both as individuals and in group settings according to the will of the Lord
* Financial support & physical help to upkeep my house and property which is 100% dedicated to the Lord’s work

Thank you & God bless you!!! 

Please visit Walk by Faith Ministry at https://www.walkbyfaithministry.com.

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