Prayer Warriors, Please Pray!


So often it seems we request prayer when hard, bad, challenging, scary, overwhelming, yucky, icky, ugly, seemingly-impossible-to-get-through stuff happens in our lives, but today I am calling out to prayer warriors to please pray for me regarding something big, beautiful, and blessed! And I absolutely could use really big prayer concerning this!

Just days ago, I announced that God has called me to write, edit, publish, and prepare for distribution my next book all by early January though I had not written a single word when I made the announcement! God has gifted me in writing and tons of it, but still I knew it would take a miracle to write and publish a book in about 6 weeks time. I asked for prayer, turned to the Lord for all I need to do this, and dove in.

Shockingly, in less than 72 hours, I am already almost 1/2 way through writing the entire book! Talk about miraculous let alone humbling, beautiful, wonderful, thrilling, exciting, and exhausting!

To top it off, as I shared yesterday, I am also writing my usual Good News Daily, am still on the road for Jesus with my special needs ministry dogs after over 4.5 years, recently finished writing another book I haven’t yet edited and published, have already been told by God about my next book to write, am needing to research getting help for “marketing” the books and helping people to learn about my ministry website where they can read the Gospel message and sign up for my Good News Daily, have administrative work I need to do, and yes, need rest along the way.

My prayer request? Please keep me prayed up however you are led, but particularly in the coming days and weeks regarding this current book I am writing called 100 Days of Thanksgiving: a Devotional-Journal from the heart of lara love. I cannot write this book not especially given the amount of writing pouring forth in less than three days, along with everything else mind you, without THE LORD who gets all the glory for this all!

Also, I am in huge need of support with my books including this one. If you would be willing to pre-order a copy or maybe a bunch of copies for friends, family, co-workers, etc. by CLICKING HERE, I would be exceedingly thankful!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

love & blessings,



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