Wow, do I have my heart and hands full. As part of our mission to share the Gospel as we minister the Lord’s love to a world in need – including both people and doggies – I am dealing right now with major medical issues with Beckles with Speckles and Joshua. Beckles appears to have very aggressive cancer and is quickly approaching heaven, and Joshua went to the vet this a.m. with her to address congestive heart failure. I also have in my care 16 other very special doggies, and, most importantly, a primary commitment to share Jesus, to write for the Lord as He leads me, and to minister His love and provision to people in need. Where does all my energy come from? HIM. Where does the provision come from? HIM. Strength? HIM. Love? HIM. All glory to God. Jesus is LORD!
I would appreciate your prayers, and thank you to those led to make a donation for the Lord’s work. 
Blessings to all! 
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