Uncontainable God

“I guess that’s why we’re soul sisters,” a friend told me today. “We’re both not afraid to hold back on God.” I replied with an example. “Yeah,” I agreed. “Like on Sundays when I’ve driven to church screaming out the car window, ‘I love you Jesus.'” I can’t say I never hold back, for there are times I have and still do. But increasingly I find I simply cannot contain Him; I love Him so much He just pours out of me. But the truth is that sometimes the vestiges of a fear of man that has plagued my life convinces me to try to contain Him. Fear of man? Yes, a fear of what people will say, think, feel, or do in response to me. But I am excited to say that the more I press into the Lord and His Word, the less I find myself fearing man. Instead of fearing man, we are called to fear God – to love Him, honor Him, respect Him, reverence Him, be in awe of Him. When I do just this, I am so utterly filled with Him that He pours right out of me. Uncontrollable. Uncontainable. Unstoppable. I love you Jesus!

Dear Father, I feel I fall more in love with you daily. The more I know you, the more I learn of you, the more I realize that my love for you is too big for me to hold in. Why would I hold you in anyway, Lord? You are King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. You are not designed to fill me up and stay within me. You are meant to be a light shining within and through me. Oh Lord, thank you for being my Lord. Thank you for being my King. Thank you for being so phenomenally big that I do not even want to keep you to myself. I want to share you with the whole wide world. I love you! Amen. 

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