Quit Resisting It!


““God resists the proud,
But gives grace to the humble.” 

Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time,” James 4:6-7

There was something I was resisting. And resisting. And resisting. On and on I went resisting it. Then the Spirit of Christ moved in my heart with these words.

“Don’t resist it anymore.”

What was I resisting? I’ll spare you the details. But here’s what you need to know in hearing this message. I WAS RESISTING WHAT GOD CLEARLY WANTED ME TO DO. I WAS RESISTING GOD’S WILL. IN RESISTING GOD’S WILL, I WAS RESISTING THE SPIRIT OF GOD. IN SO DOING, I WAS RESISTING GOD ALMIGHTY!

I had not a single excuse that could hold up in light of the fact THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY had given me something to do. I could tell you plenty of reasons why I didn’t want to do it. Why I didn’t think I could do it. Why I felt I had more important things to do. Why the obstacles in the way were too much to bear – and overcome. Or I could tell you the truth.

RESISTING JESUS IS SIN. ALL SIN – EVERY SINGLE OUNCE OF SIN – NEEDS TO BE DONE AWAY WITH. There was one simple straightforward albeit incredibly hard thing I needed to do. I needed to STOP RESISTING GOD.

And so, with prayer, with HIS strength, for HIS GLORY, I stopped resisting Him. My heart became ready. I knew I could not proceed forth in obeying Him without His love, mercy, grace, provision, wisdom, strength, comfort, and encouragement. I knew – and know – He will give me EVERYTHING I need in order to love and worship and serve Him. In order to fulfill His will for my life – from the super big seemingly impossible things to the smaller seemingly more manageable stuff.

Friend, IF YOU ARE RESISTING GOD in ANY AREA of your life, it is TIME TO STOP RESISTING GOD. NOW. Just like I needed to do. So you need to do.

STOP RESISTING JESUS. Humble yourself before God, get rid of the disobedience right down to anything ungodly in your very thoughts and attitude, and OBEY THE LORD.

It’s time, isn’t it?

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