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Hi everyone,

A beautiful and precious sister in the Lord who is my faithful co-laborer in this little ministry works exceedingly hard each month to print, cut, fold, and staple an enormous amount of Gospel tracts and devotionals to be sent into prisons, homeless shelters, onto the streets, to me in New York City to distribute, and to people and groups around the country requesting them. She has the amazing help of the Lord Jesus Christ, but she does not have the human hearts and hands to help her that would be such an incredible blessing to her, to me, to this ministry, and to all whose hearts and lives are reached by the Lord through the writing around the country.

She lives in Loudoun County, VA, so any individuals, ministries, church groups, nursing homes, schools, senior centers, families, group of friends, clubs, etc. who/that may be led to help out would be so very greatly appreciated.

What would be involved is driving to a scheduled location in or near Leesburg, VA, at a designated and agreed upon time to pick up the tracts and devotionals to be folded & stapled. She uses an electronic stapler that could be potentially shared, but ideal for anyone committed to this service for the Lord work would be to donate the purchase of a 2nd electronic stapler to facilitate the work involved.

Several months ago, I met with a beloved friend at Wegman’s food store & cafe to spend a few hours folding with her. We had a wonderful time together. Organizing a group of helping hearts and hands would be a great way to serve – and to enjoy fellowship. Alternatively, those who like to do simple tasks to keep their hands busy, or perhaps to take quiet time with the Lord and pray, to listen to worship music, etc., could do this in their own homes.

This is an opportunity to love and serve the Lord and to help a ministry He has been and is continuing to grow to bring glory to His name!

Please contact me at 843-338-2219 or

To learn about my beloved sister in the Lord and co-laborer, please CLICK HERE.

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