Joshua was rescued from a shelter where he was turned in by his family
as a senior dog with a MASSIVE tumor. While his massive tumor was removed,
he is now covered in tumors – but most importantly covered in LOVE.

When Joshua, one of Walk by Faith Ministry’s senior special needs dogs, took a major downturn several weeks ago and was headed straight for heaven, a bunch of people including myself prayed for his healing and got a miracle. As close as he appeared to death, he is today alive and well – albeit with no guarantee of how much longer he will be here on earth. I am reminded how I used to pray with a big magic wand, thinking somehow I could pray my way into whatever I wanted – and that the outcome of my prayers was a reflection on how much God loved me, heard me, realized my needs and desires, cared about me, etc.

But today I understand God is no greater nor smaller based on the results of my prayers and whether I get what I want or not. God is always sovereign, and His greatness is not contingent on whether or not I receive what I desire. Nor is His love for me, His diligence in hearing me, His realization of my needs and desires, and His care about me related to my little human magic wand.

If the truth be known, the days of my magic wand have passed. When I pray for the rescue dogs in my care, I no longer believe I know what is best. I do not. God has given me more time with sweet Joshua, and He recently gave me a miracle with my beloved Beckles with Speckles also. But even when the lives of my canine kids have come to an end, this changes nothing about the sovereignty and the love of God.

I used to be a spoiled child who believed somehow God could prove His love for me by answering my prayers. Now I am a grateful adult who is blessed for every new day the Lord gives me, for every precious 24 hours He gives me with a human or dog I love, and more than anything else for the intimate relationship He has with me because of my faith in His Son Jesus.

Dear Father, Thank you for loving me. Thank you for hearing me. Thank you for knowing what I need and desire. Thank you for caring for me. Thank you for your sovereignty, and for always knowing what is best. Thank you for more time with Joshua and Beckles with Speckles. But most importantly of all, God, thank you for being my Father. And thank you for your precious Son – my Savior, my Redeemer, my very best friend – Jesus. Amen. 

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