Are You Running the Wrong Way?


“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.” Romans 8:14

When a beautiful sister in the Lord surprised me with a wonderful blessing by telling me she would take a big responsibility off my shoulders for a few days, freeing me up for much needed rest and whatever else the Lord might lead me to do, I wasn’t just thrilled. I wasn’t just thankful. I started running. Running the wrong way.

See, instead of running to God because I now live for Christ, I started running in the flesh – in my mind racing to figure out what I do with the exceedingly desired free time. Free time I had not had in a long time. I started concocting all sorts of ideas. I could go see this person about an hour or so away. Or I could see another person in the same direction but not so far. Or I could find a pet-sitter for a few of the dogs, load up the car with the others, and drive about four hours to somewhere I was desperately desiring to go. Or I could go somewhere I had wanted to go for quite some time I kept sensing may be a wonderful opportunity for my ministry work. Or –

I think you get the point. As soon as the Lord blessed me through my sweet sister in the Lord with a longer stretch of free time than I had been accustomed to in a while, I started running the wrong way. Running away from God. Running in my flesh. In my mind. In my heart. Not seeking the Lord and His will. Getting bogged down in self. In me. Forgetting following Christ is not about self; it’s about Christ. About loving and serving God. Not that there was anything necessarily wrong with the things I was considering doing. Nor necessarily that any or all of these things were not possibly the will of God. It’s just that I wrongly had not even taken Him into consideration. I had simply gone running the wrong way. Away from the Lord and His voice, from the Lord and His will.

The Spirit of God turned me around. Returned me to Himself. Led me to repent. Reminded me I am His. And that none of my own dreams and plans even remotely compare to the joy, the thrill, the excitement, the satisfaction, the privilege, the blessing, and honor of running to God, throwing myself at Him in my love for Him, seeking His presence, seeking His voice, hearing His will, and humbly saying YES to whatever my beloved most precious Lord desires. For He is Lord! Lord of my life! Lord of all!

Are you running the wrong way? Do you find yourself running the show? Coming up with your own plans? Living your own dreams? Repent and run to the Lord. Surrender yourself wholly to Him and let His Spirit lead the way. For He is Lord! Lord of all!

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