Sacrifice of Thanksgiving


Day #26 of my Big Thanksgiving Challenge. Excerpted from my 100 Days of Thanksgiving Devotional-Journal which you can order when you CLICK HERE.

Sacrifice of Thanksgiving

God shows us in the Bible we should offer to Him the “sacrifice of Thanksgiving”, but how can Thanksgiving be a sacrifice? I can’t speak for God, but this is what comes to my heart. First, long ago, when people were under the law and Jesus Christ Savior of the world had not yet come to the earth, died on the cross, and been raised from the dead, there was an extremely serious and involved system of making sacrifices to God. So the “sacrifice of Thanksgiving” could simply be a reference to the system of sacrifices when people were under the law. But what also comes to my heart is that the flesh must make a “sacrifice” in getting the focus off of self and onto God, in turning away from our self-centered thoughts, desires, activities, etc., and taking the time to focus on God, and on the Bible, and on THANKING HIM!

I may never have a full understanding of the “sacrifice of Thanksgiving”, but I do know this. We should make this “sacrifice” without fail each and every day no matter the cost to our flesh. No matter what and whom we need to lay aside to spend time in God’s presence loving and praising Him, thanking and worshiping Him, honoring and glorifying Him, we should make that “sacrifice” and turn our hearts, mouths, eyes, and very lives to the Lord with hearts filled with love, adoration, and Thanksgiving! And our Thanksgiving to God should not be limited to our alone time with Him. Every aspect of our hearts and lives should be overflowing with our Thanksgiving!











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