She Almost Hung Up!


A woman dialed the wrong telephone number and ended up calling me instead of the person she intended to call. Right as she was ready to hang up after realizing I was the wrong person, I blurted out something to the effect of, “Well, maybe you called me for a reason. Do you need prayer about anything?”

Sure enough, she had a big challenge that day. She was in major transition and was about to take a huge action. Absolutely, she needed prayer! I prayed for her, and we both received the blessing of the Lord bringing us together to have her need met. How thankful she must have been that she hadn’t hung up and that she didn’t miss the opportunity the Lord had given her.

How thankful I was that I didn’t hang up and miss the opportunity the Lord had given me – to love, encourage, and pray for someone in need. I can’t tell you how blessed I was to be used by the Lord to help someone. What a blessing for both the woman and myself! All by the leading of the Spirit of Christ! Totally unplanned by me and the woman. Orchestrated and carried out by the Lord Himself! For His glory not ours!

Please don’t miss your opportunities to love and serve the Lord and others in His name, and please don’t miss your opportunities to be blessed by the Lord however He desires whenever He desires wherever He desires through whomever He desires. Keep your heart, ears, and eyes wide open for the leading of the Lord for the glory of the Lord, AMEN!

Lord, thank you so much for your awesome love and your endless blessings and how you orchestrate everything you do in your goodness and greatness right down to the smallest of details. And so creative you are, dear Lord! The way you have people cross paths with one another to distribute your love and blessings, you truly are amazing, so amazing, dear God! Thank you for this sweet little refreshing and encouraging and heartwarming story, and may you use it to help us all to be open to your pouring out your love and blessings upon us and through us, oh Lord. AMEN!

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.” James 1:17

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