Update & Prayer Request


Dear friend,

I have been writing fervently since I was a little girl and have been called by the Lord to use the gift of writing He has given me to help people worldwide to find Him and humbly, lovingly, and devotedly follow Him, and I am thrilled to share with you that less than 48 hours ago I finished writing my latest book!

And I am humbled, shocked, and excited beyond measure that this morning as I walked the ministry’s wheelchair dogs I had to pause our walk several times to grab my mini notebook out of my fanny pack so I could thrillingly start writing what the Lord made clear is my next book!

Amazing how the Lord has taken me from decades of brokenness beyond description to being on the road for Him and ministry including loads and loads of writing with my handicapped ministry dogs for over 3 years now. To the Lord be all the glory!

I have now been in a hotel in coastal South Carolina for several months after 8 months of ministry in New York City. I am thankful for the fresh air and sunshine and plenty of time to spend alone with the Lord and to write and do a little bit of hotel, streets, and beach ministry. Sometimes I feel a bit restless and wonder when the Lord will reveal to me my next location and send me there, but He has made clear that I am to take advantage of having much time to write and be refreshed before I move on. Given the pandemic, several people have reminded me it’s not the best time to travel. So when I start feeling restless, I remember to be thankful and to put my trust in the Lord.

On another note, my pocket-sized “lara love’s Good News Magazine – Issue 4” is in the process of being sent out around the country to prisons, jails, homeless shelters, a rescue mission, a Christian pregnancy center, and a Christian medical center. I thank God for those who are currently helping with this and very much welcome others who are led to help with production and shipping.

My “Finding the Light” Gospel tracts which include my personal story and a detailed explanation of the Gospel message and encouragement in following the Lord day by day still go out regularly around the country via my own streets ministry work and others who are led to distribute it.

If you are led to hand out tracts and magazines, please contact me at 843-338-2219 or lara@GoodNews.love.

Lastly, I still have only a very small number of people helping the ministry financially. Donors and monthly sponsors would be very much welcome!

Please pray for me, the ministry dogs, my helpers, and the people worldwide the Lord is reaching through me and the ministry.

love & blessings,


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