Sometimes God Gives Us the Impossible


“Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us,
But to Your name give glory,
Because of Your mercy,
Because of Your truth.” Psalm 115:1

Sometimes we assume something is not God’s will for our lives because of the seeming impossibility of it. Surely He wouldn’t lead us into an impossible situation, an impossible relationship, an impossible job, to make an impossible move, to an impossible ministry opportunity, to an impossible change, to an impossible educational program, to an impossible outcome to a situation, etc., to something that in our eyes and even the world’s eyes seems totally impossible, right?

Sometimes, friend, that’s exactly what the Lord does. For in some of the most impossible situations, the Lord has some of the most amazing opportunities to show us His love, grace, mercy, truth, peace, hope, sovereignty, power, strength, authority, lordship, kindness, comfort, healing, redemption, rescue, tenderness, conviction, chastening, correction, transformation, miracles, and more. Most of all, HIS GLORY!

Sometimes we refuse to enter into a seemingly impossible situation, or we go running from a seemingly impossible situation we’re already in because we can’t conceive of the fact that that is exactly where the Lord wants us at least for that particular season in our lives.

Before we refuse to go there, or before we go rushing away from it, we need to seek the Lord, wait on the Lord, hear the Lord, and obey the Lord. For He alone knows what’s best, He alone has His perfect will, He has His perfect plan and perfect timing, and He can even amid what seems totally impossible in ours and the world’s eyes bring glory to His most holy name when we yield ourselves utterly to Him – yes, even in the impossible.

If you’re finding yourself in an impossible situation, or sense that you’re being called into one, please seek the Lord, wait on Him, hear from Him, and obey Him. If in fact it’s the Lord leading you there, or you are already there and it’s the Lord keeping you there, trust Him, follow Him, and yield yourself to Him as He brings His will to pass and is glorified through it all.

The Bible is filled from start to finish with seemingly impossible situations, and over and again, the Lord is glorified through it all. He does the same today as He did back then. He glorifies Himself. May we surrender ourselves to Him continually so He can do the same in our seemingly impossible situations. To the Lord be the glory for His will in and through it all!

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