Special Needs Dog Gets Another Miracle!


How many miracles can one special needs dog get? Leave it to God to provide an abundance of miracles to Walk by Faith Ministry, to me, and to our newest addition Joshua.

Joshua, who was left at a shelter by his family when they moved, scheduled for euthanization, and sent by private plane to Walk by Faith Ministry, arrived with a host of challenges. Besides being underweight, he arrived with a bad case of kennel cough and a bunch of tumors – including a massive one attached to his penis.

Yesterday, Dr. Curtis Hennessey of Plantation Animal Hospital on Hilton Head Island, SC, discovered that Joshua’s massive tumor contains some suspicious cells and could possibly be cancer. He recommended surgery to remove the tumor, most importantly because of the tumor’s location and the potential challenges that could develop as the tumor grows.

But this is no small tumor, and the surgery would cost a pretty penny – particularly for a small ministry albeit with big faith.

Miracles anyone? First, Joshua’s life was saved. Second, a private pilot volunteered to fly him to Walk by Faith Ministry. Third, Dr. Hennessey and his staff have bent over backwards to help Joshua.

And, last but not least, an anonymous donor with an enormous heart has offered to donate Joshua’s surgery. So how exactly did this miracle occur?

Last week, The Island Packet (read the article!) did a wonderful, big story on me and Walk by Faith Ministry. Word got out quickly on the ministry, and I “just so happened” to cross paths with several people who read the article. One was the anonymous donor who immediately jumped in with an offer to help Joshua with his surgery. A second huge-hearted person whom I met made a generous donation also!

God never ceases to amaze me with the creative and magnificent ways He continues to provide for Walk by Faith Ministry and myself as we move forward in sharing the Gospel as we minister the Lord’s love to a world in need!
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