Joshua Undergoes Big Tumor Removal

Joshua the miracle dog had his big surgery yesterday, leaving him with 3.75 pounds less to carry around. Dr. Hennessey of Plantation Animal Hospital lopped off the massive tumor located in his private parts section, sending him home without the burden he has been lugging around for an undetermined amount of time. Joshua, sporting an “ice cream cone collar” even bigger than the tumor was, has been resting comfortably since his return to his Walk by Faith Ministry home. (Please note photos on next page are graphic)

Joshua in car driving to Dr. Hennessey’s office

Given Joshua only arrived by private plane less than a month ago after his near euthanization in an overcrowded shelter where he was left by his family when they moved, he has adjusted with flying colors. In fact, since his surgery yesterday he has decided to give me plenty of kisses – likely expressing his gratitude for his new life and his lesser burden.

Joshua and the tumor that is now gone!

When I asked Dr. Hennessey’s office to save the tumor so I could photograph it, little did I know they would lead me into the back of the clinic to show me a bowl filled with the tumor – along with a smiley face and note saying, “save me for Lara, please.” A little humor at the end of a long day – and the beginning of a new life for Joshua!

The tumor with a special note – “Save me for Lara, please.”

Thank you God for everything you have provided for Joshua! Thank you Dr. Hennessey and your staff for taking such superior care of Joshua. Thank you ANONYMOUS family for donating Joshua’s surgery. Thank you other incredibly generous donors! Thank you everyone who has prayed for Joshua, me, and Walk by Faith Ministry. God bless you all!

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