Squeezing God In


I have a loved one for as long as I can remember who has always squeezed me into her schedule after filling up her calendar with just about everything and everyone else. The time she gives me is minimal, and she makes clear if I don’t make myself available in the little time she offers me that she will not give me any of her time at all. She makes me a very low priority in her life but then denies that she does this and hurtfully points the finger at me and accuses me of being selfish and making things up basically. In this is a message for us all – about the Lord.

If this has hurt me as much as it does, I cannot even fathom how much it hurts the Lord God almighty when His children do the same thing to Him. When we squeeze Him into our schedules if we make time for Him at all. When we make Him a low priority maybe even our lowest priority. If we plan everything else in our lives and then leave God for last. If we neglect to even see we do this or if when we realize we are doing this we deny we’re doing it. If instead of humbling ourselves and asking for forgiveness for doing this, we just keep on doing it. If we make the one who should be our first love, our greatest priority, our number one, the one who matters more than anything or anyone, anything and everything but preeminent in our lives.

Things haven’t changed except for the fact God has blessed me with love, mercy, and forgiveness and taught me to love unconditionally and to be thankful for the tiny bit of time I am given with the person. But our situation with God if we are not making Him number one each and every day must not remain the same. It must change. We need to repent, seek the Lord’s forgiveness, and stop trying to squeeze Him into our lives if we even bother to put Him in our calendar books at all. We need to exalt and magnify the Lord in our hearts and lives above all and everyone else each and every day and forevermore, AMEN, amen, hallelujah, AMEN! Praise the Lord!

With all my heart, I ask you to please make the Lord Jesus Christ number one in your heart and life now and forevermore. God is not someone or “something” to be squeezed into your life. Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords, King of Kings, forever God, and should be preeminent – NUMBER ONE – in your heart and life and calendar now and forever and ever, AMEN!

Oh, God, forgive us all for every time we have ever not made you number one. Teach us, dear Father, to exalt you as number one now and forever, oh Lord, AMEN! How sad it is, Father, that we would even think of fitting you into our calendars. Oh, God, reign in our hearts, reign in our lives, teach us your ways, have mercy upon us, be patient with us, oh God help us to glorify you forever and ever, AMEN!

Oh Lord God, please dear Father help us all to make you our very highest priority now and forever. And for the times we fall short in this, oh Lord, please God bring us immediately to repentance. Help us not resist your chastening but to be thankful for it. Help us be sorry for ALL our sins most especially when we move away from making you our number one priority in life. Oh God have mercy upon me, upon my readers, and upon all this world, oh Lord, AMEN!

“Thou art my God, and I will praise thee: thou art my God, I will exalt thee.” Psalms 118:28

p.s. Today I love my loved one more than ever before! By God’s grace, for the glory of Christ! And may my loved one in and through me see His almighty precious unfailing unfathomable love and repent and believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and in His death and resurrection and commit her heart and life utterly to the Lord and His ways, oh yes! AMEN!

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