St. Francis Moves Closer to Heaven

St. Francis, the super sweet special needs senior stray dog who was flown cross country and then down the East Coast a few months back after being whisked out of a California shelter, has settled in beautifully to Walk by Faith Ministry’s doggie sanctuary but is definitely tip toeing toward heaven.

Special needs St. Francis with mostly blind Glory! 

Thankfully, his emergency neuter surgery to correct his prostate issues successfully eradicated that medical issue, but his age is showing. Moving around can be a big challenge, to say the least. Disc issues combined with old age make life a lot less enjoyable than it used to be. In fact, he has taken plenty of tumbles since arriving at Walk by Faith Ministry.

I learned long ago that there is a time to let go no matter how much I love a dog, and I carefully monitor the super seniors and the special needs dogs to make sure my love for them is not selfishly holding onto them when they are suffering and have reached the point of needing to head home to heaven to be with the Lord. Fortunately, because I work from home and the weather has been warm and beautiful in coastal South Carolina, St. Francis gets plenty of love, attention, and fresh air. More than anything, he loves his special bed where he can keep an extra close eye on Mommie. Please keep St. Francis and Mommie in your prayers as St. Francis moves closer to heaven.

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