St. Francis(Marcos) Gets Set for Next Miracle

“St. Francis needs a miracle,” I told a little girl whom I babysat earlier this week while she sat with him as he nuzzled his snout into her armpit.

“He doesn’t need a miracle,” she responded without hesitation. “He is a miracle.”

Sure enough.

The 14-year-old emaciated, arthritic, deaf, stray dog with worms, a horrible ear infection, a bum knee, disc problems, and debilitating prostate issues, was pulled from his California shelter to avoid imminent euthanization before taking a 24 hour flight across the country followed by riding on two, two-seater planes down the east coast to Walk by Faith Ministry.

If you think for a minute this special senior has given up on life, forget about it. He has fallen madly in love with me, not to mention his enormous fenced yard and fellow foster dogs. He is constantly on the go, takes tours of the yard all day long, follows me whenever given the chance, and eats voraciously. He is super active, super sweet, and super grateful for his new life.

Medically, he needs a miracle. But given all the miracles he has already received, why not expect another one? This sweet baby has too much life and gusto left in him to give up now.

Tuesday, he will be neutered by Dr. Curtis Hennessey of Plantation Animal Hospital in Hilton Head, South Carolina, for medical reasons. While it is not normally advised to neuter a senior dog with multiple medical issues, in his case it will be life-saving. His hormones are wreaking havoc on his enlarged prostate, making it almost impossible to pee or poop. In fact, just a few days ago he started urinating blood as a result of his prostate issues. While there is as of yet no clear diagnosis for the prostate problem, it has been determined by three separate expert veterinarians that neutering him is mandatory for his health.

Please consider a donation for his health care as Walk by Faith Ministry moves forward with providing him the new love-filled life he deserves. And, of course, please keep him and Walk by Faith Ministry in your prayers!

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