St. Francis (Formerly Marcos) Begins New Life!


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St. Francis the miracle dog (formerly called Marcos) surely believes in miracles by now! Just over a week ago, the 14-year-old emaciated dog was scheduled for euthanization in a California shelter while rescue workers nationwide and beyond scrambled to find him a way out. The emaciated, mostly deaf dog with worms, apparent cataracts, an enlarged prostate and testacle, arthritis, and disc issues, along with a swaggering, stumbling walk with occasional falls, might have appeared a strong candidate for euthanization to most. But this loving dog has a strong spirit, a good, strong fight left in him, and no desire to go anywhere but into a safe and loving forever home where he could discover that love (and tons of yummy food) does exist on this earth.
Thanks to God, Pet Airways which flies dogs cross country in cabin, a fabulous foster family in VA that kept him between flights, and two phenomenal pilots who flew him on their two-seater planes down the east cost to South Carolina, and a ton of faith, love, prayer, and donations from around the country, St. Francis has begun his new life with Walk by Faith Ministry – and is loving every minute of it! He settled in without batting an eyelash with his fellow dogs and foster mom (me) in less than 24 hours, has eaten me just about out of house and home, and has figured out how to use his snout to flip my hand upward and off the keyboard for petting (there he goes again). I am expecting St. Francis sometime soon to be announcing his wedding plans with Mother Theresa, who is the same age, also mostly deaf, also with apparent cataracts, and equally slow moving – and sweet.
St. Francis may have already received his miracle, but I am quite positive more miracles are on the way when it comes to his story. Every time the Lord has ever put it on my heart to take in such a special homeless dog in need, He has inevitably used me, the dog, and the story to touch and transform people’s lives as well. I know in just a day’s time He is already using St. Francis to touch mine.

St. Francis (formerly Marcos) with foster family before flight with one of two amazing pilots who flew him to S.C.
St. Francis with Mother Theresa, his new love (besides his other new love foster mom Lara).
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