Stay Here, Don’t Run!


I supposed the Holy Spirit was just talking to me not giving me a message for anyone else but solely for me. Certainly I needed to hear it. Hear what? These words.

Stay here. Don’t run.

When I was a little girl and went to public swimming pools, the lifeguard would raise his or her voice sometimes and say, “Walk! Don’t run!” The children would be running around the pool. Dangerous. Against the rules. The children needed to be stopped. They needed to hear the lifeguard’s voice, listen, and obey. Sometimes they did. Sometimes not.

This isn’t about walking not running. It is about staying not running.

Stay here. Don’t run.

Sometimes God “raises His voice” with His children and tells us things like, “Stay here. Don’t run.” Maybe this is what you need to hear right now. I know I did. And will likely need to hear it again in the future. Some of us get urges to run from wherever we are sometimes, don’t we? Do you?

Are you thinking of running? Have you already run and need to repent and return? Sometimes we run from God. Sometimes we run from His will. Sometimes we run from a person He wants us to help. Sometimes we run from a responsibility He gives us. Sometimes we run from a relationship He has chosen for us. Sometimes we run from the people God sent to help us. Sometimes we run away emotionally and wall off our hearts and keep a distance from God. Or from people He desires to be in our lives. Or both. Sometimes we run from a place God sent us. Sometimes we run from a church where He wants us to be at least for a season if not for longer. Sometimes we run from God confronting us about something whereby we don’t turn entirely away from God but we refuse to address what He is making clear we need to look at and deal with. Sometimes we run from a life’s calling because we’re scared, we crave comfort we can’t find in that calling, we don’t want to sacrifice what we now must give up, etc.

Sometimes we run because we’re plain old scared. Oh, we can be tempted to run for any number of other reasons, can’t we? And I don’t mean run because the Lord is leading us to run. I mean run contrary to the will of God because for one reason or another we’re not content with where we are, think we should be elsewhere, are falling prey to the devil’s lies and temptations, can’t stand the pressure from those around us to flee, etc.

Stay here. Don’t run.

When God makes clear in our hearts where He wants us to be, and we have prayed and have clarity, and we are reading the Bible and spending time alone with Him and believe we are in His will, and have sought counsel from His followers who are solidly grounded in the Bible as He so leads us, and God says STAY HERE, DON’T RUN, we need to OBEY HIM.

There may come a time the Lord speaks to our hearts it is time to move on, but only then should we go. When it’s His will, in His time, for His purpose, for His glory. Unless or until that time comes, we should stay wherever and with whomever God wants us to be and not run. God will give us the strength to obey Him. He will give us the ability to remain where He wants us.

Obey the Lord, friend. If He is telling you to stay not run, please stay. Please don’t run. Cry out to the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray, pray, pray. Read your Bible. Wait on the Lord. Follow Him however He leads you. Obey Him whatever He tells you. Humble yourself before Him. Obey God almighty, AMEN!

“I delight to do Your will, O my God, And Your law is within my heart.””
Psalm 40:8

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