Streets Ministry God’s Way


“And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15……

If you ask me what I do, why God created me, what He put me on this earth for, what His purpose for me is, what dream He has given me for His glory, how I spend my days, the answer is plain and clear. I live to love and worship and glorify and serve God almighty, and I do streets ministry and write Gospel tracts, devotionals, and books. My mission? To help people find and forever follow the Lord Jesus Christ. After decades of being utterly lost, broken, and hopeless, not only has the Lord entirely transformed me, but He has given me a very clear, simple, and straightforward purpose, and day by day I live in His love in His strength for His glory to fulfill it.

Streets ministry? I spend lots and lots of time with the Lord, and in His Word, continually communing and fellowshipping with Him, continually seeking Him and keeping my heart and ears open to Him, continually measuring what I hear against His Word because His Spirit only and always speaks in line with His Word, and I submit myself to Him, yielding myself to Him, letting Him lead me day by day, hour by hour, breath by breath. Usually seven days a week, the Lord as I go about my day leads me to people, and people to me, in person, in the hotel where I have stayed for virtually a year, on the streets, in stores, in doctor’s offices, wherever I go, and by telephone, no matter whom I am talking to, even customer service reps, operators, receptionists, friends, strangers, family, whomever, wherever, and His Spirit leads me into conversations with and opportunities with people to talk to them about the Lord Jesus Christ, to share the Gospel message, to love and encourage and help them, to point them to Him and to His Word, to give them His wisdom He pours through me, to give them scriptures, to give them Gospel tracts and Bibles, to do whatever He desires, person by person, day by day, breath by breath, WITHOUT A PLAN, simply LED BY HIS SPIRIT, ALL by His love and grace, ALL for His glory!

I have the most unplanned life of any working person I believe I have ever known, and yet I am almost constantly at work – loving and serving the Lord and helping to bring people to Him and to follow Him! I never planned to have a ministry. I never dreamed of having one. I was never trained as an evangelist. I was never trained to lead a little ministry. I never planned to have what now is an international ministry. I don’t plan each morning to go out into the world to specific places to specific people to say specific stuff. I simply surrender myself to the Lord, and His Spirit leads the way. And the opportunities I have are ENDLESS. Amazing, awesome, incredible opportunities to minister to people from the lost and broken, the hopeless and homeless, to the rich, to the poor, the hurting, depressed, suicidal, successful, happy, sick, dying, disabled, the abused, the abusers, criminals, ex-prisoners, to believers and unbelievers, to people of strong faith in Christ to staunch atheists, to homosexuals in person and prostitutes by letter, to addicts, to people in ministry to people who won’t set foot in a church, to foreigners to natives, to people of all sorts of beliefs and false religions, and on and on – and on.

What is the common denominator in all this? In my streets ministry work? What stands out in it all? THE LORD JESUS CHRIST! THE SPIRIT OF CHRIST! THE SPIRIT OF GOD! I never planned to be an evangelist! I was as lost and broken as anyone can be! I am 100% Jewish and didn’t even believe in God! I was headed straight for hell and the lake of fire! Then years ago as I wandered around outside in search of helping stray dogs in my dog rescue work, I found myself talking to people about Jesus. Not because anyone told me to. But because it was, and is, the most natural thing in the world for me. I have evangelism in my very bones, in my cells, in my being. It is my calling. And I am called by God.

And the God who called me is the God who leads and empowers me. The God who provides for me. The God who knows exactly whom to send me to, and the God who knows whom to send to me.

Streets ministry? For me, it’s obvious. It’s my calling. And my job is simply to humble myself before the Lord, to place my trust in Him, and to follow Him as He leads me to wherever He desires I go, to whomever He desires, for the purpose of helping people give their lives to Him and to day by day and forever follow Him!











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