A Sweet Story of God’s Tender Loving Care


“For in the time of trouble

He shall hide me in His pavilion;

In the secret place of His tabernacle

He shall hide me;

He shall set me high upon a rock.”

Psalm 27:5………

A few days after a beloved friend received some tough news at a medical facility, the Lord very early one morning when I was spending time with Him gave me some scriptures for her. I wasn’t entirely sure I was supposed to give them to her, so I waited. About two hours later, the Spirit of God spoke to my heart and told me right then and there to call her and give her the verses. I had clarity. I imagined what I would say, and considered telling her to please read the verses out loud while we were on the phone together. But I sensed the Lord didn’t want me to ask her to read them aloud, but instead simply to tell her He had given me the verses for her. So I called and kept what I had to say simple.

“The Lord told me to tell you to read Psalm 27,” I essentially told her.

Her response was immediate. And so clearly showed the amazing tender loving care of the Lord.

“Someone was at the [medical facility]giving out Bibles,” my dear friend told me. “I opened up the Bible, and with my husband read out loud Psalm 27,” she told me. She had now by the Spirit of God through me received confirmation He had given her those verses concerning the difficult news she had received.

It seems astonishing how the Lord’s lovingkindness, how His mercy, comfort, and care are so exceedingly gracious and generous, so overflowing and abundant, so plentiful and manifold, so gentle and so very detailed and so immeasurably on time, and so perfectly orchestrated that He would for example give me verses for a friend hundreds of miles away to confirm the message He had just given her, but it shouldn’t seem astonishing, not really, should it?

For there is not love in the universe more perfect, holy, and awesome than His, and nobody more beautiful and sovereign and lovely than He is. I wonder if our hearts and eyes were truly wide open each and every moment of our lives, how clearly we might see the endless stories like this one as the Lord God almighty blesses His Creation continually with His most magnificent breathtakingly splendid majesty!








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