Take Your Foot Off the Brake

God told me recently that I am holding back my own life. Today, not for the first time, I realized I am driving through life with my foot over the brake. When I learned to drive a car so very many years ago, I was taught “defensive driving”. I quickly became familiar with the idea that keeping my foot over the brake rather than the gas would allow me to stop immediately if the need arose. When so many others in the world were cruising forward in their lives, I held my foot over the brake just in case something bad happened and I needed to come to a rapid stop. This has been true not only in regard to my driving. This has been true about my life. After a long season of driving through emotionally rough terrain, I resorted back to the familiar – defensive driving. Rather than put my foot on the accelerator and move forward as the Lord leads me, I have been holding my foot over the brake “just in case” I need to stop. The trouble is that I have been stopping alright. I have been stopping God from leading me forward to the beautiful new blessings He has planned for me.

If you are holding your foot over the brake like I have been, ask God where He wants your foot. I don’t know about you, but He has called me to walk by faith. I need to take my foot off the brake and start walking where He is calling. How about you?

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