Taking Jesus to the Streets

One of my greatest joys is taking Jesus to the streets. Anyone who thinks my animal rescue missions are just about dogs doesn’t know my heart. My number one passion in life is Jesus Christ, and my number one purpose is to love the Lord with all my heart and my neighbor as myself. As I spend my life learning to follow my precious Lord and Savior, I see everything in life as an opportunity to share the Gospel and to minister the Lord’s love to a world in need.

If only I were at liberty to write of all the phenomenal opportunities I have in my daily work to do exactly this. But alas, I don’t always have the time to share it all. And, I am sensitive to what I can and can’t share when it comes to other people.

This past week, I have spent much time working on “animal rescue”. At least, the outside world would see it as such. All about the dogs, right? No. The Lord has opened the door numerous times to share about Him – even in the midst of getting dirty as I bent down trying to help dogs in dire need of help.

Taking Jesus to the streets is a privilege, and I am honored to love and serve the Lord in any way He desires. I love helping dogs, but what I love most of all is how I get to share the Lord that created us all whenever the opportunity arises. 

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