Are You Prepared for God’s Tests?

Ever gone into a test without being prepared? Ever taken a final exam without going to classes? This is nothing compared with the testing of God.

My pastor has been pouring God’s Word into his congregation recently with a strong admonition: This coming year will be full of blessings, but it will also come with extreme challenges and testing. He told us his job is to help prepare our minds with God’s Word, but I am well aware that two hours a few times a week under the teaching of my pastor is not enough. I would not have passed my tests in school if I had only listened to the teachers and not studied and practiced what I was learning. The same is true when it comes to the Lord and life. I need to study, practice, and apply God’s Word – and be well prepared for His tests. Did you ever wonder why God tests us? I believe He loves us so much He doesn’t want to leave us where we were. He wants to take us to His Promised Land. And, to do so, we need to be prepared, to grow, to be ready, and to follow Him into His land of promise. 

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