Thank God for Toilet Paper

Call me crazy, but this morning I thanked God for toilet paper. Why is that crazy? Really, it is not. Really, what is crazy is how little I have thanked God through the years for all of His provisions – from salvation, healing, and the safety of my loved ones all the way down to my toothbrush and toilet paper. My mother reminded me just the other day how she raised me to be grateful and not to complain. It took me 4 decades to realize she was right all along. So maybe now I am going to extremes in thanking God even for the little things, but how extreme is that really? I am extremely, utterly, eternally, wonderfully grateful for all of God’s provisions – most importantly for my being promised eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. And, of course, I remain grateful for toilet paper! How about you? Remember to be thankful for everything the Lord has given you – most especially for Himself. 
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