Thank You God for Saying No


Dear God, thank you for every single time in my life you have ever answered my prayers with a big, “NO.” Father, I am so sorry that I have so lacked trust in you, that I have had such a self-pitying, angry, hurt, bitter, etc. response to you when you have refused to give me what I prayed for. Lord, you always know what’s best. And I have pridefully exalted myself and felt my will was best. Lord, I am so sorry! And I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for every time you have in fact refused me what I asked for from you. God, I wish I could promise to do a better job in the future. But I fall so very far short. So I simply ask you now, dear Lord, to help me be humble, to help me think right and do right, to help me grow in trusting you, and to help me be thankful not whining and complaining when I don’t get my way. God, I love you more than imaginable, and I thank you for receiving this prayer from me, dear God. Now I ask you to help every person who reads this prayer and message dear God and myself also to trust you, to pray to you, and to be humble and loving and thankful no matter how you respond to our prayers. Amen!

I didn’t expect to write a prayer to begin this message. But that’s exactly what poured out of my heart. And I believe there is little to say more than the prayer I have written. I believe we all could do a better job, me more so than others more than likely, with being thankful when God doesn’t answer our prayers the way we so desperately want Him to. Let us grow in our love for Him, our trust in Him, our humility before Him, and our Thanksgiving to Him. Please join me in this! Let us yield ourselves to God so He can grow us in all of this! Amen!

“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6 KJV

Day #58 of my Big Thanksgiving Challenge. Excerpted from my 100 Days of Thanksgiving Devotional-Journal which you can order when you CLICK HERE.

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