Thanksgiving in October


This past week, I celebrated Thanksgiving in October. No, I did not gorge on food. I did not cook a turkey. I did not get together with lots of friends. In fact, I ate too little and I saw almost nobody at all. I had some major health symptoms that brought me to the toilet time and again, to my bed for relief – and to my knees in Godly sorrow, repentance, and Thanksgiving. The Lord spoke to me regularly for the entire week, assuring me despite my physical symptoms that I did not have a physical illness at all. I had a dire need to be cleansed, and it took debilitating physical problems to force me into the rest I have needed for years. In my rest, I gave the Lord my attention. He brought me to some of the deepest repentance I have ever experienced as He shined His light in my life and cleansed and purified me. I am in awe of my God who in less than seven days did inside me what it can take years or a lifetime for a human to experience. Day after day, I fell to my knees all over my house in repentance. And I fell to the floor time and again in tears, bowing before my Lord, worshipping Him, in ever awe of His majesty and His everlasting love. He simply loves me too much to leave me in my mess. This past week, as I celebrated Thanksgiving in October, I submitted to His desire to cleanse me. And I know I will never be the same.

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