The Battery Drain Story


Some years ago my car battery kept dying but not because I left my lights on when I parked as I have been known to do. I was told something was “draining” my battery. That something needed to be located so the “draining” would cease and the problem would be resolved. It took quite some time and several mechanics, but the source of the “draining” was located and that particular problem with the battery was fixed. Wonder how this relates to you and me?

Sometimes I have found myself unable to do God’s will in my ministry work or at least unable to do it with full enthusiasm, love, joy, excitement, focus, and devotion because of a “battery drain.” Turns out I was distracted by other matters, running around doing other things the Lord didn’t want me doing, thinking about things I shouldn’t have been thinking about, not resting when He wanted me to rest, spending too much time on the phone, spending time on the Internet exhausting myself with all the colors and chaos of it, meddling in stuff that wasn’t my business, etc. In one way or another, I was out of the Lord’s will and my “battery” was being “drained” in the process.
I don’t have the really good attention span I once had and have to be vigilant in watching out for the “draining” of my “battery”. I have a strong tendency to run off in all sorts of directions doing all sorts of things some in the will of the Lord and some not.When my “battery” does start “draining” in a way dishonoring to the Lord, His Holy Spirit brings to my attention the source of the “draining” and leads me to repentance and to renewed focus on Him and His will for me.

Anything in your life “draining” your “battery”? Anything you need to let go? To work on? To seek the Lord’s forgiveness about? Any changes you need to make? Can you see after reading this that there are things in your life that have been “draining” your “battery” whereby you are not giving the Lord and His will for you your all? Please pray. And follow any instructions the Lord places on your heart! All for the glory of Christ, Amen!

Dear Lord, what a vital message for people like me. I hope, Lord, you will bring this message to many. And that you will use it to bring loving correction. Please forgive us for when we fall short in this! Please mercifully help us to be more pleasing to you! Please help all those of us who are easily distracted to learn to focus on you and your Word and your will for our lives.

Please bring to light the underlying cause of any “battery drains” in my readers’ hearts and lives most assuredly as well as my own! This brings to mind, Lord, that WORRY is an enormous “battery drain”. And that our thoughts being in the wrong place can “drain our batteries”. Like complaining, negativity, self-pity, vengeance. Yes, oh Lord, sin can so “drain our batteries”! What a mighty big message, Lord. At least for me. And I am guessing for many others. Help us, oh Lord, with this “battery drain” issue. And I thank you in advance for your loving help and patience and mercy with us, oh God. AMEN!

“You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You.” Isaiah 26:3

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