The Danger of Never


I will never do this! I will never do that! This will never happen! I will never let that go! I will never go there! He will never let it go! She will never change! They will never change! I will never change my mind about this! Ever had thoughts like these? Please be careful! There can be a big danger when it comes to the word NEVER!

We are not to live our lives based on our thoughts, feelings, experiences, beliefs, circumstances, wishes, wants, and ways apart from God, but based instead on the Lord and His will for us. Anything that does not line up with the Lord, His will, and His ways needs to be forsaken for Him and replaced with what He commands and desires. When we get caught up in our flesh and start thinking and feeling in terms of the NEVER’s, we may find ourselves forsaking the Lord and His will for us and doing what we think and desire instead.

Is it not in our pride that we get caught up in the NEVER’s whereby we believe we know what is best, what will happen in the future, what God can and can’t and will and won’t do, what will happen in others’ lives, what they will and won’t do, what is possible and impossible, etc.?

Let us humble ourselves before the Lord, friend, and let us NEVER exalt ourselves as Lord but yield ourselves entirely to the Lord and His will for us instead.

Whom are we to exalt and magnify? Ourselves? No! Please meditate on this verse:

“O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together.” Psalms 34:3

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