The Gratitude Game


Day #30 of my Big Thanksgiving Challenge. Excerpted from my 100 Days of Thanksgiving Devotional-Journal which you can order when you CLICK HERE.

The Gratitude Game

Long ago someone told me about “the gratitude game”. It seemed like an easy game but it wasn’t so easy to play. I was to go through the alphabet from A to Z and think of something I was grateful for beginning with each letter. There were a few big problems with the way I played.

First of all, I knew very little about the Lord and the Bible at that time from what I recall so I thought of gratitude as essentially just being grateful for whatever or whomever without any real understanding of being THANKFUL TO GOD. Second, for the most part, I was an extremely unthankful person.

Oh, times have changed. Now I know everything in this life for which we should be grateful comes from God. And His love and goodness are simply endless! Many years ago I was introduced to “god” as a “higher power” I could choose based on my own desires and beliefs. I was told I could choose an ocean, a doorknob, anything or anyone that was “higher” than me. Gratitude then would be about being grateful to whomever my “higher power” was. Oh, how deceived I was!

There is one true God, God almighty who is Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Ghost in one, and our “gratitude” should be endless Thanksgiving to God almighty in Christ. Hallelujah! Perhaps you’ll be led to go through the alphabet making a list of blessings for which you are thankful to the Lord! I love, love, love to reflect on the Lord, the Bible, and all that I’m thankful to God for. Most of all when it comes to Thanksgiving, I love to praise and thank the Lord! Hope you do too!

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