The Greatest Wedding of All


The Greatest Wedding of All

 “Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come.” Proverbs 31:25

     Ever considered how much love, time, care, money, dedication, commitment, devotion, thought, help from others, conversation, planning, appointments, investment, etc. women often place in preparing for their weddings, for their marriages to their husband-to-be’s, for their lives they will set apart for the men they love? One morning, I plopped down onto the edge of my bed, opened my Bible randomly though I had been reading one book in the New Testament in particular, and landed at Proverbs 31 in the Old Testament. Instead of flipping over to the New Testament to what I had been studying, I stayed in Proverbs 31 and began to read. Almost immediately, as had happened a few times in recent months when I landed there, I thought of something regarding the wisdom king Lemuel was given by his mom regarding finding the perfect wife, or the perfect bride.

For those who wish to spend now and forever in heaven with God rather than be separated from Him now and forever in hell and the lake of fire, the only way to an everlasting relationship with God from whom all of us are automatically separated because He is perfectly holy and we are perfectly sinners is to repent, believe Christ died on the cross for our sins and was raised from the dead, and turn to God and His ways. Those truly born again in this way enter into a brand new way of life – of living for the Lord. Called Christ followers, we enter into a life-long sanctification process of being prepared for eternity with God during which our minds are renewed by God’s Word, our lives are transformed by God’s Spirit, and we are conformed to Christ, and live for Christ as we fulfill our purpose on earth using the gifts God has given us to help build His Kingdom of followers and to glorify His name. We are Christ’s bride being prepared for forever with our husband Jesus Christ. Should not our hearts and lives be devoted to becoming pure, beautiful for, and pleasing to Christ our husband? Is Proverbs 31 not speaking, too, to those of us dedicated to pleasing God now and forever? Should not we every day, every breath, devote ourselves to becoming the beautiful bride Christ desires? All who follow Christ are brides getting ready for the great wedding when we shall spend forever with the Lord the perfect husband. Isn’t it a tragedy that many women are more devoted and diligent in preparing for their earthly weddings than we who profess to love the Lord devote our hearts and lives to becoming ready to spend eternity with God?

   Let us today make the commitment that henceforth we live devoted to Christ and to preparing  for forever with God! Please read Proverbs 31. Are you living to be pure and beautiful and pleasing to the Lord!

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