The Lemon Water Story


Friend, the Lord loves His children more than we can imagine. Right down to the very detail. Here is a beautiful testimony proving just that.

I asked a friend who had gone through a horrible illness with a brutal treatment to pray for another friend of mine whom she didn’t know who was going through a horrible illness and brutal treatment just like my other friend had. I asked her to pray specifically that my friend needing prayer would get her sense of taste and appetite back so she could eat.

“Tell her to drink lemon water,” my friend said after she agreed to pray. Seemed a bit odd, but I called my other friend after I got off the telephone.

“So-and-so told me to tell you to drink lemon water,” I said.

To my utter shock, my friend told me she had been walking through her house saying out loud with her husband present that she wondered if she could drink lemon water. See, she had these little packets of lemon and had thought it would be nice to use them either as a cold drink or a hot drink.

But I hadn’t known my friend had been wondering about lemon water. In fact, she had gone so far as to contact one of her health-care providers to see if it was okay to drink lemon water. She had not yet received a return call. But the Lord knew her need and desire, didn’t He? And He used me to connect two women who didn’t know each other to show His love and care.

I believe my friend was already fixing herself a glass of lemon water before I hung up the telephone. And off I went in ever awe of the Lord’s amazingness, His awesomeness, His lovingkindness, His knowing everything about His children and so tenderly, sweetly showing forth His mercy and grace.

Let us not miss any of the all different sized blessings of the Lord, from the enormous ones to the very small ones. All blessings from above. From the Lord of Lord, King of Kings, God almighty, hallelujah, YES!

Father, we could never thank you enough for all of your greatness and goodness. Thank you for day in and day out giving us opportunities right here on this earth to see how glorious you are! And thank you most of all for loving us so much you sent Jesus to the cross to die and be raised from the dead to pave the way for us to spend forever with you. Through repentance and faith in you. Through our lives being devoted to you, oh Lord! Thank you for desiring us to be in your forever fellowship. No greater place to be than in relationship with you. Oh, how I love you! Teach us to love you the way you desire to be loved! And continue, oh Lord, to make your love known to us all. Draw people all around the world to you, lead them to repentance, bring them into your forever Kingdom. Thank you for your mercy, my Father. Thank you, oh Lord, you are so indescribably wonderful, oh thank you, dear Lord. AMEN!

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.” James 1:17

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