So excited to share with you that I have just released my newest book called THE LOVE DEVOTIONAL. Just to be clear, in late 2021 I was blessed to write my “miracle book” called 100 Days of Thanksgiving. Written & published in about 10 days. Believe it or not, I had already finished writing another book but didn’t have time to edit and publish it because I am ever overloaded with the blessings God has given me in the way of loving and serving Him and others. By God’s grace, now I get to share with you this latest.

I would be blessed beyond measure if you would please pray for me & my ministry & beloved special needs ministry dogs & the writing including books & all the people God is reaching worldwide through my heart & ministry.

And I would be exceedingly thankful if you would please consider getting my books for yourself & others & telling people about them. Thank you so incredibly much!

Please click on THE LOVE DEVOTIONAL for ordering information.

Or, you can see all my books when you click on LARA LOVE’S BOOKS.

Please note my books pricing is currently very low whereby most of the money goes to Amazon not to the ministry. Donations via the ministry are always welcome! Thank you!

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