The Ultimate Abortion


The ultimate abortion. Can you imagine? She had every reason. Unplanned pregnancy. Totally inconvenient. Bad timing. Wrong father. People would call her crazy. Money? Probably not enough. She would be ridiculed beyond belief. Location way off. Uncomfortable. Totally inconvenient. Not on her agenda. Who would help her? Her family would be appalled. She would never be able to hide her pregnancy. She wasn’t up for the pain of it all. It really was the ultimate abortion. She had all the reasons in the world. The abortion would take all her troubles away. Maybe there would be a small cost, maybe a bit of discomfort. But in the long run, she would be better off. Maybe she couldn’t run to the nearest abortion clinic, but there was always someone who knew how to do it. Abortion was the ultimate answer. Wasn’t it?

As the world prepares to celebrate the rising of Jesus Christ from the cross after he died so faith in Him would redeem the world from its sins, I wonder about the ultimate abortion. What if Mary had done it? What if she had aborted the birthing of the Savior into the world? She really did have every reason to stop what God had started, didn’t she? But truly she laid down her life, her plans, her agenda, her dreams, her vision, her feelings, thoughts, and desires, so the Lord God almighty could birth through her the Savior of the world. She sacrificed what she wanted for what the world needed, and our Father in heaven used her submission to give us Jesus the Christ. Jesus, following in the footsteps of his human mother, then laid down His life so the world’s sins could be forgiven through faith in Him.

What about you and me? How often have we aborted what the Lord has wanted to birth in and through us? How often have we chosen our vision above the Lord’s? Our dream above His? How often have we made our comfort, convenient, so-called needs, wishes, thoughts, and emotions a higher priority than the Lord?

Perhaps the Lord has not wanted to birth a human child through us, but what about everything else? When the Lord has sought a vessel to pour His love and vision through, have we submitted to Him and allowed Him to do so?

Over the past few weeks, I sensed the Lord desiring to birth a new book through me. At first, I was excited. It seemed like a wonderful idea. Then, the enemy attacked. He did everything to convince me I should abort the book the Lord wanted to produce. I just about gave up. I became so frustrated, stressed, and sick and tired of the battle, I nearly told the Lord I was not willing. I was headed right for the abortion clinic.

Did you know we are just as capable of aborting God’s vision and dreams for our lives as a woman is able to abort a child. The world has made it as easy to abort God’s plan for our lives as it has made it easy to abort a baby. The world loves what is convenient, easy, simple, comfortable, high paying, what looks good, feels good, and sounds good. The temptations of the world are ever on the rise.

Speaking of rising, Jesus has risen. He has risen to give us live more abundant, and now those with faith in Him as Lord have a responsiblity to be His Body on earth – and to produce for the Lord whatever He desires to build His Kingdom and share His love with a world in need.

I cannot count the number of dreams I have aborted along the way, from little to enormous. I am quite sure I am not alone. I desire to be increasingly sensitive and submissive to the Holy Spirit so that my answer to the Lord – as Mary’s was – is yes!

Perhaps God wants to birth a baby through you. Or a book. Or preacher. Or book. Or worship music. Or an orphanage. Or a new church. Or a marriage. Or a new friendship. Or an idea. Or a Bible study. Or classroom. Or youth project. Or homeless shelter. Or maybe even a short conversation that will result in the salvation of a stranger.

Whatever it is He desires to birth through you, will you let Him?

Father God, I repent. I ask you to forgive me for every single time I have ever aborted something you gave me to do, something you wanted to birth through me. Forgive me, Lord, for being so selfish, for terminating what you began, casting your seed to the wayside and choosing my own limited vision over your most magnificent plan. Cleanse me, Lord, in Jesus name, and please Lord, fill me with your Holy Spirit, your vision for my life, and the courage, strength, and wherewithal to fullfill your plan for my life – no matter how big, or how small. In the name of Jesus the Christ, Amen.

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