Is it time to purge? I’m not talking about the purging that is a common component of eating disorders. Nor am I speaking of purging your zillions of old e-mails you just don’t want to get rid of on your computer. I’m referring to an altogether different kind of purging. Do you want to know one of my most significant prayers to God this past year? It’s actually rather simple – but utterly life-changing.

“Please God purge from my life every person, place, and thing you want gone. And please bring into my life all you want in it, most especially you!”

Little did I know how readily, and shockingly, God would answer that prayer. The funny thing is that when God began the purging, I couldn’t quite connect His purging with my prayer. The prayer sounded all well and good each time I said it, but can you imagine God actually had the gall to answer it? Of course He did. Imagine my surprise when people and things started disappearing from my life. And imagine my surprise when God started bringing new people and things into my life.

Did you ever stop to think how many people, places, and things we accumulate in our lives that are not pleasing to the Lord? Unhealthy relationships, deadly habits, unnecessary luxuries, selfish desires fulfilled, places we know better than to visit, and oh, yeah, a whole host of sins (attitudes included) from which we would do best to repent.

In studying the Book of Kings in the Old Testament of the Bible again recently, I am just as surprised as ever to discover how many kings practiced the wicked ways of their fathers, hung on to idols they worshiped before God, held onto their “high places” where I believe they sacrificed and worshiped, and reaped the “rewards” of their transgressions.

Wouldn’t it be nice to think the kings all the way back then are the only ones whose lives were in desperate need of purging? Not so. When we examine ourselves, what do we find? I don’t know about you, but I can say this about me.

Every single day, the Lord continues His purging process in my life through study of His Word and the renewing of my mind, conviction by the Holy Spirit, repentance, and His magnificent grace, forgiveness, and mercy.

This purging, for me, is a refining, a purification, a shaping, a transformation process, a sanctification that helps me in my continued journey of growing in my Father’s image.

Are you ready for a purging? Your life will never be the same. 

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