Tiny Disabled Dog with Cancer Walks by Faith


Tiny Disabled Dog with Cancer Walks by Faith

“(For we walk by faith, not by sight:)” 2 Corinthians 5:17

There is nothing in the world like watching a 14-year-old severely disabled 9-pound dog with cancer cross her tiny deformed front feet over step by step as quickly as she can, climbing over little obstacles, to go at “full speed” where she wants to go. Once named Miracle, now called Little Miss Miracles, she has received miracle after miracle since she was rescued from living in a car seat in a shed building. Emaciated, flea-infested, Lyme disease, severely anemic, mange, missing hair, ear infection, with a mass on her neck her vet believed was severely aggressive cancer. He estimated she would live a few weeks. God sent her to Walk by Faith Ministry. The tumor disappeared, and she’s lived over 2 years since with up to 16 other mostly special needs and senior rescued canine siblings  – and me, Mommy. So inspired watching two paralyzed dogs, two dogs missing legs, one dog without eyes, one 16-year-old, and numerous others walk by faith as God by His Spirit through His Word teaches me to do the same. These dogs live their lives to the fullest possible, most of them with perseverance and patience, persistence and diligence, with faith and hope they will receive what they need daily and trust in me to provide it despite how far short I fall daily.

Walking by faith isn’t about our obstacles nor circumstances, our trials nor tribulations, our high points nor low ones. It’s about what Little Miss Miracles – and the others – do. It’s about trust and perseverance, about not giving up no matter what. Most of all, for us humans, it’s about turning away from our sinful, self-centered ways and choosing to no longer live for ourselves and this world, but to humble ourselves before the Lord and by faith in Christ and in the strength of God’s Spirit to live for Him!

We humans tend to focus on our trials and troubles. Little Miss Miracles looks to the finish line of wherever she wants to go and determinately makes sure she gets there. For those who repent and trust in Christ, the finish line is eternity with God instead of forever in hell. But the greatest blessing doesn’t begin at the finish line. It begins with the relationship God offers us right here, right now, in every breath for those who live for God, who walk by faith with Him, in amazing, indescribably awesome fellowship with Him as we receive His love and mercy and seek to love, praise, adore, revere, serve, pray to, hear, obey, worship, and glorify His name now and forevermore.

   If you are struggling, discouraged, down, hurting, hopeless, etc., look away from your trials. Look to the Lord and walk with Him in His infinite love and mercy. Repent. Believe in Jesus Christ. Follow Him as He leads you into eternity. Walk by faith!

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