Today’s 365 BLESSINGS


365 BLESSINGS is a devotional book the Lord has led me to publish piece by piece even as I’m writing it rather than waiting until it’s in print to share it. Please join me & be blessed as I write my latest book…!…..

Blessing #30

“And Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst.” John 6:35-37

Can you imagine never getting hungry? And never getting thirsty? Under any and all circumstances, always being filled with food and drink. Always being full and hydrated. Never needing nor yearning for a morsel of food. Nor desiring for one’s thirst to be quenched. Because we are so filled, so fulfilled, so provided for, so taken care of, that for the rest of our lives we never need to give a single thought to food or drink.

Yet that’s not how it works, is it? We need food and water to survive, and sometimes it seems like we’re on an endless quest to get it. Think about it. We’re blessed to get filled with food and water, but then we need to start up all over again. And no matter how much we sit down to eat and drink for health, nutrition, strength, energy, growth, sustainment, and energy, we always need to come back for more. What does Jesus promise us?

That when we come to Him, when we truly give ourselves over to Him, we will never know hunger and we will never know thirst. Spiritually, now, and forever, when we turn to Him, we will be forever satisfied. Friend, we can go through our whole lives searching everywhere, seeking anything and anyone, to fill ourselves up, only to find that nothing on this earth totally forever satisfies.

But Jesus does. He meets our hunger and thirst and desire like nothing and nobody on this earth. In fact, He so far exceeds anything we can possibly imagine in the way of satisfaction and fulfillment that there are simply no words to express how utterly awesome He and His love and mercy and grace and endless spiritual blessings for us are. Come hungry to the Lord, friend.

Come thirsty to Jesus. Come and take your fill. And be filled and filled and filled more and more – and forever. Be filled to overflowing with Jesus so much so that all the world around you will be touched and moved and inspired by His love which splashes over onto them.

So much so that they will be drawn by Him through you to come to Him themselves. To the well that never runs dry. To the table where there is always more bread. He is the bread of life, yes! Thank you, Lord! Fill us, Father! Overflow us with your Spirit! Overflow us with your love! Satisfy us, Lord! May we have more – and more – of you, dear Lord! AMEN!

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