“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
For they shall be filled.” Mt. 5:6

There is no greater tragedy to me when it comes to people who say they believe that Jesus Christ is Lord than how many people I meet who fall into these categories:

* They call Jesus Lord but don’t read the Bible and live their lives like He’s Lord with their hearts and lives truly yielded to Jesus.

* They call Jesus Lord and read the Bible and live their lives accordingly but live their lives religiously and refrain from having a deeply personal, deeply intimate relationship with Christ. They don’t spend time alone with the Lord and the Bible daily and seek Him and hear His voice and recognize His voice and passionately hunger and thirst for intimacy with Him and relentlessly live their lives in pursuit of more and more of Him as they ever draw closer to Him and become ever more like Him as He conforms them to Himself.

Friend, every human is a sinner who will spend eternity in heaven with God or hell and the lake of fire in forever torment apart from God. Faith in and a life devoted to Christ is the ONLY way to forever with God rather than forever in hell, BUT being promised everlasting life through turning from our sins and devoting our lives to Christ as Lord is JUST THE BEGINNING. It’s the FOUNDATION.

What do we build upon this foundation? For years, I lived a religious life whereby I tried to do what Christians are supposed to do. Then the Lord got a hold of my heart. Today I live my life utterly for Jesus, and I desire nothing more in this life than to love and serve and obey and worship and adore God almighty and to tell the world about Him. He is my love. My passion. My desire. My hope. My joy. My thrill. My purpose. My Savior. Lord. King. Best friend. Redeemer. Healer. Deliverer. Restorer. Most precious blessing. Greatest treasure. Endless pleasure. The reason I live. And breathe. The one I need. The answer to everything. My light. My glory. My pride. My counselor. Teacher. Companion. My absolutely all in all. All and all.

Who is Jesus to you? Is He your Lord? Do you live your life accordingly? Have you surrendered yourself utterly to Him? Is He your greatest passion? Your highest desire? Do you have a deeply personal deeply intimate ever growing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Is your life His? Do you belong to Him?

May today be a new beginning for you. From the moment of reading this devotional, may you belong utterly and forever and indescribably passionately to the Lord Jesus Christ! AMEN!

The Spirit of God lives inside Christ’s followers. Fill me, Lord, with more of you! More of your Spirit! More of you, Lord! Oh, more of you, my Lord! Fill us with more of you, dear Father! And may we live and breathe to bring glory to your holy most blessed precious everlasting name, AMEN!

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