Your Life from a Different View………….

One day a sister in Christ thanked me for helping her to see her life from a different perspective. It had not been my intention. I had simply thanked her for her generosity and made reference in my correspondence to how blessed she was that God had given her something in particular in her life. Apparently she had needed the encouragement to see what she had thought of as somewhat of a burden as a blessing!

When I received her thank you for helping her to see her life from a different view, and even now as I write this, I was convicted by the Spirit of God who lives inside His followers. How so? Sometimes I get so bogged down in the details and challenges of my everyday life that I lose sight of how very blessed I am. The challenges seem like mountains, and the blessings seem like they disappear or at the very least go into hiding. Frankly, my view is off. I’m looking at my challenges instead of looking to the Lord and all my countless blessings!

But when I look at my life from a different angle, from a different view, from a different vantage point, with a different perspective, I am in awe of how very blessed I am!

The Lord tells us throughout His Word we should be thankful, we should praise and worship Him, and we should be joyful. Some of us have life circumstances whereby our thanksgiving comes naturally. Others of us have trials whereby it may be hard to be thankful. When we turn our hearts and eyes to Jesus, no matter the details of our lives, oh, how we can be thankful! Oh, how we should be thankful! Yes!

There is no greater blessing in the universe than the Lord God almighty! And to turn from our sins, believe Jesus Christ is Lord and died on the cross to pay our sin penalty and was raised from the dead, truly turning our lives over to God and His ways, and being forgiven and given a forever relationship with God instead of spending forever apart from Him in torment in hell and the lake of fire.

There is no greater blessing than to be in the Lord’s forever fellowship. Even when our lives are hard, we can turn our focus to God and the Bible. We can look at our lives from a different view. From the viewpoint of belonging to Jesus forevermore!

And once we turn our focus to the Lord, then do our hearts and eyes behold the beauty and wonder and awesomeness of the Lord – our greatest blessing – and do we see once again the bountiful blessings He bestows upon us each and every day.

Is your focus on Jesus, friend? Do you see Him as your greatest blessing? Do you see all your other blessings? Do you praise the Lord for all your blessings?

Do you need to look at your life from a different view? If so, please do!

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