“Thank you God that nothing comes easy,” I told the Lord not long ago. “I have to rely on you for everything.”

If you know me, you know I’m totally transparent. So here’s the truth. Just about everything is a challenge for me. The big stuff, sure. I’ve had lots of enormous life’s challenges. But the little stuff too. Fixing stuff. Finding stuff. Organizing things. Thinking. Making decisions. Focusing. Feeding 5 special needs dogs all their diets and medications. Taking a shower. Sleeping. Relaxing. Resting. Slowing down. Paying bills. Anything administrative. Keeping track of stuff. Only time I’m totally focused and in my element is when I’m telling people about the Lord Jesus Christ. So you get the point. Almost nothing comes easy for me. Probably a combo of so many years of so many great trials and the exceeding love, energy, and passion I pour into my relationship with the Lord and my ministry work on the road for Jesus. Whatever the reason, the point is this. The stuff that comes easy to lots of people tends to be a challenge for me.

How blessed I was that day to finally see how thankful I can choose to be – yes CHOOSE to be – that my everyday life right down to my very thoughts is such a challenge. This causes me to have an exceeding need for Jesus, to recognize my exceeding need for Him, to reach out to Him exceedingly, to learn to exceedingly depend on Him, and to be exceedingly thankful to Him most especially that He is my forever Lord and that I am His forever daughter and servant. Given how challenged I am, I MUST MUST MUST trust in Jesus. Breath by breath. Moment by moment. Step by step. My challenges are opportunities – to chase after Jesus night and day, day and night, and forever!

We all have our challenges don’t we? Some of us perhaps more than others, but we all experience them in one way or another at one level or another.

What if instead of complaining and being discouraged about our challenges we CHOOSE to consider instead what a wonderful opportunity we have to cry out to the Lord, to draw close and closer to the Lord, to trust in the Lord, and to cling to Him and His Word moment by moment – and forever!

Got challenges? Don’t miss your opportunity. May the Lord Jesus Christ be your all and all – at all times – now and forevermore, AMEN!

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