Today’s 365 BLESSINGS


365 BLESSINGS is a devotional book the Lord has led me to publish piece by piece even as I’m writing it rather than waiting until it’s in print to share it. Please join me & be blessed as I write my latest book…!

Blessing #26

“I will abide in Your tabernacle forever;
I will trust in the shelter of Your wings…” Psalm 61:4

I looked for peace in so many places. In so many things. In so many people. In so many relationships. Sometimes I found some. Sometimes I found none. None of it was the kind of peace that lasts. That endures. That carries on. That nothing and nobody on this earth can take away. God’s peace is like that, you know. It goes on forever – and ever.

Look at the scriptures above. What do you see? Abiding. Dwelling. Living. Staying. Remaining. Where will Christ’s followers be? And remain? In His tabernacle forever. That’s not a mere church building down here on this earth. His followers will be in His Kingdom forever. In His fold forever. In His shelter forever. In communion with Him forever. In His presence forever.

Oh, in Him can we trust! That He will shelter us forevermore when we are His! We can trust in His shelter! We can trust in His wings! Is there anything human or human-made in which we can 100% trust? No! None of us is perfect. But God is perfect. Forever perfect. And so is His shelter. His presence is perfect. His presence is forever. In Him we can abide. In Jesus Himself we can remain. Oh, such peace!

Such unsurpassed peace! The psalmist declares to God almighty his trust in Him! His trust in His shelter! Let us do the same, friend! Let’s place our trust in Jesus! In God’s shelter! Jesus is Lord! Jesus is God! God’s shelter is Jesus! Jesus is God!

We can declare to Him our trust in Him! And in His shelter we can rest! In His shelter we can know Him! And we can know His peace! Father, thank you, thank you, thank you for teaching me to trust in you forevermore! AMEN!

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